Project Management

QPS project management services draw upon over 150 years of combined experience to ensure our projects are completed on time, on budget and in line with our clients expectations.

Early in the process, we work closely with designers to advise on the most appropriate and cost effective print method for a given project.

Similarly, for clients with installation requirements, our site survey team are available to visit intended point-of-use locations at an early stage to identify practical and fixation issues which in turn can influence suitable printing methods and finishing specifications.

As we move into the production phase, our account managers coordinate approved artwork files, raw materials and press time to ensure production schedules are met and our exacting quality assurance standards maintained.

For some projects, passage through our finishing and dispatch department marks their conclusion, but for others our involvement continues during the installation phase.

Acting as consultants to third party contractors or overseeing our own in-house installation team, our emphasis on quality, fitness for purpose and value remains until final approval from (and transfer of ownership to) the client.