Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is the bedrock on which QPS was built and remains a vital part of our business today.

Despite the emergence of digital technologies, silk screen continues to be the most appropriate printing technique for a number of applications including short-run self adhesive, direct product marking and specialist point of sale.

Metal, glass, plastic and wooden substrates are particularly well suited to the highly opaque and UV stable inks available for silk screening. With essential supplier relationships, we are uniquely positioned to formulate and lay down inks with specific colour and performance characteristics for our clients.

With over 25 years experience and continued investment in the latest equipment, silk screen from QPS remains a cost effective printing method too. Benefiting from low set-up and tooling costs, large format single and two colour prints in medium to large production runs are often more cost effective than a digital equivalent.

However silk screen’s real benefit lies not as an alternative to digital but rather as a compliment to it within the full range of single-source print services offered by QPS.