Our Team

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy as a business is simple; in all the decisions we take and our strategy for growth we try to benefit all stake holders in the QPS business.

For our customers this means innovative, quality products and services that add value to their own and which we deliver competitively.

For our employees our actions should secure the long term financial prosperity of QPS, their livelihoods and prospects for personal development.

Suppliers are valued for their products, expertise and the contribution they make to our success.

Our local community should benefit where possible from the creation of new positions and we should work hard to minimise our environmental impact.

Our Mission

At QPS our mission is clear; To continue our growth and become one of the UK’s most profitable, innovative and well respected large-format commercial printers.

We strive to deliver cutting edge digital and silk screen printed solutions that are fit for purpose, competitive and meet our client’s expectations not only in the physical goods we deliver, but also in the services we provide and in every stage of the commercial process.

Our standards are high. Our approach is pro-active. Our responsibility for (and expectation of) fairness is taken seriously.

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